• Domestic Packaging

    Our aim is to deliver your shipment on time safely to destination. You can review our tips on how to pack and by following our packaging guidelines. Below are the supplies provided by SMSA Express at the time of domestic shipping but in all cases customer can use their own supplies for shipping.


    Can hold and protect up to sixty A4 pages.
    Maximum weight 0.5kg

    Large Pak

    Ideal for larger documents and compact products
    Maximum weight 2.5kg

    5Kg, 10Kg and 25Kg Box

    A box for shipment up to 5Kg, 10Kg or 25Kg, at a competitive , fixed price.

    Decalred value:

    Maximum declared value: $ 50,000 (may vary according to destination).Declared value for carriage must not exceed declared value for customs

    Liability and Insurance

    Maximum liability is US $ 100 per Airway bill. We offer insurance at 2% of declared value.

    Service features

    Full track trace. Proof of delivery.


    Dangerous goods not accepted. Multiple piece shipments not allowed.

    Available Options:

    HAL Hold at Location you can hold your shipment
    at Pre-specified Retail Service Center.