• International Packaging

    SMSA Express provides tough, easy to use packaging, at no extra cost. You can request them from SMSA Express.com or call our 24/7 Customer Service Number 920009999. Whatever your shipment weights and whatever distances it is travelling, good packaging will protect it during its journey. You can also use your own packaging.

    SMSA Express no longer applies a limit on customs value for regular international shipments. A limit may still apply depending on destination and commodity shipped. Please call Customer Service for information

    SMSA Express Envelope

    Can hold and protect up to sixty A4 pages. Maximum weight 0.5kg

    SMSA Express Pak

    Ideal for larger documents and compact products Maximum weight 2.5kg

    SMSA Express Tube

    For items that travel better when rolled up, e.g. blue prints, sketches and photos Maximum weight 9kg

    SMSA Express Box

    Tough cardboard boxes in three sizes

    SMSA Express 10kg and 25kg Box

    A box for any shipment up to 10kg or 25kg, at a competitive, fixed price SMSA Express 10kg and 25kg is an express delivery service to over 220 countries with next day(2) or two business days delivery by 10:00am to US next day(2)or two business days delivery to over 70,000 postcodes across Europe and 2-3 business days service to key destinations throughout Asia

    Service features

    Full track trace. Proof of delivery.


    Dangerous goods not accepted. Multiple piece shipments not allowed.

    Available Options:

    HAL Hold at Location you can hold your shipment
    at Pre-specified Retail Service Center.